What in the Word is SBSK?(Special Books by Special Kids)

Alyssa, Noodle and Chris!! the DREAM SBSK TEAM!!!!

I found SBSK one random day on Youtube and COULD NOT get enough! My first video was Ruby the Treasure. ANYONE who watches this will just be memorized and just fall in love!! She is the sweetest child!! Ruby suffers from Stromme’s Syndrome. She is definitely an angel who walks among us!

Stromme syndrome is essentially a birth defect that can alter the way several systems within the body work. Before receiving the name Stromme Syndrome, this condition was termed Apple Peel Syndrome with Microcephaly and Ocular Anomalies, which highlights the main three affected organs: intestines, eyes, and brain.

Then I started to watch different videos from the SBSK channel and just am truly amazed at these people.

Ruby the Treasure (Stromme Syndrome) – YouTube

The following will be taken from SBSK.org

Chris Ulmer is the Founder and CEO of this amazing organization. He was a Special-Ed teacher before this. He is so engaging and such a joy to watch the interviews he does. He HAS found his calling and is a gift from God.

Chris received his Bachelor of Arts from Penn State University in Communications, with a specialty in Media Effects. After receiving a full-scholarship, Chris began studying at the University of the Cumberlands, where he coached the Men’s Soccer Team and received his Master of Arts in Teaching, with a specialty in Special Education. Upon his graduation, Chris began teaching in a special education classroom. In 2016 he utilized his diverse education and founded the non-profit Special Books by Special Kids. Today, He serves as SBSK’s CEO and enjoys traveling to film interviews and speaking at conferences, businesses, and schools. Taken fromsbsk.org

Alyssa Porter is the Executive Director. I came across her in videos as well. She comes across so intelligent and also strugles with 5 different mental illnesses. THAT does not define this woman! She is so loving and she spreads joy wherever she goes! You can just see it coming across in the videos!

Alyssa received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida. She then ventured to Indianapolis for graduate school where she was awarded the Allen Whitehill Clowes Museum Fellowship. As a Fellow she worked at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis with a focus on service design and user experience. After receiving her Master of Arts in Museum Studies from Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis, Alyssa returned to Florida and accepted the position of Curator at the Museum of Science and History, Jacksonville. As the Director of the Curatorial Department, Alyssa continued to expand her leadership experience and expertise in non-profit management. Alyssa transitioned into her role as Executive Director upon the founding of SBSK as a non-profit and enjoys managing all of the organization’s administrative needs. taken from sbsk.org

SBSK has put together such a rich woven tapestry of faces and backstories, that shed light on the medical issues you have never heard of! Listen to their motto: WELCOME TO SBSK! WE BELIEVE THAT WHEN YOU TAKE THE TIME TO HEAR SOMEONE’S STORY AND VIEW LIFE FROM THEIR PERSPECTIVE, YOU LEARN AND GROW AS A HUMAN. <— How amazing is that!!

Below is just a little of what they are all about!! taken from sbsk.org

Stories, providing individuals and families from the neurodiverse community with an audience to share their thoughts and experiences.

As an educational resource for all humans- from the disability community, to parents, teachers and service providers, to those unfamiliar with neurodiversity.

Societies around the world, building a global dialogue around neurodiversity and our response to it.

Please look at Special Books by Special Kids – YouTube You will want to spread the word like I am!! These people warm your soul, and provide you with a new outlook on life!

SBSK – Normalizing the Diversity of the Human Condition

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