When Did Your Heart Go Missing?

You can tack these six words onto really anything really. For example: yourself, the media, your spouse, or all man kind in general. I forgot the saying, but it is something like” what you put into the world, you get back tenfold” or something? I am starting get with that program. The overwhelming stench of humankind is my muse of this blog. By stench I mean as follows.

The destruction of history is happening daily, in the way of taking down historic statues and changing the names of buildings that are named after people that MADE history. Whether you take these items down or not, history is history. I do not effin care what color your skin is- get with that program. This is not the Matrix and a never ending patterns of 10101010000101010000010’s. I also do not care your political identifications. This is general fact. FACTS cannot be disputed. 1+1=2 FACT.

The destruction of buildings, and other properties by fire and mayhem for months on end are labeled as ” protests” are still happening. Who gives you the right? Skin color? no. When did your heart go missing? You are ruining innocent peoples livelihoods. Yet the destruction continues.

The destruction of the Capitol. Although you know who I am “pro” of, I do not agree with anything that has happened. I know we are all frustrated with what has been happening for years and the one time you have a chance.. you ruin things by destruction. 4 people died. Why did you have to beat a cop with a fire extinguisher? Now , you give upstanding citizens like myself a bad name – as pro-America. (although the guard was called out etc fast as lightening– not sure why they can’t mase and hose the rioters down in each burning city is beyond me..they should be in each location taking care of business)

When did everyone’s heart actually leave? I know it is not 2016 as lies and betrayal have happened since the dawn of man. This has become the new normal hasn’t it? Are we heading for a civil war?? In America? I shutter at that thought, but when does it end? When does the ruination of America by its own citizens end? I look at the TV and think that can’t be us, that can’t STILL be us months, years later.. it has to be somewhere overseas. The burning of flags-as a vet-pisses me off to no end- but why is that ok? Why did we stop saying the PLEDGE or praying in schools? When did our hearts take flight and say screw it.. MEMEMEMEMEME its all about MEMEMEEM.

Let’s all regroup and get through COVID if we can. Let us all take a time out and look around, because the words you put out are heard and what you say into the worlds does come back.

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