Part 2 Colonoscopy

Well let’s just say mine lasted 20 minutes and no pain at all. I wanted to discuss this as many people forgo tests because the associated pain that is talked about by friends or social media, etc. Your physical well being starts with you.

What is the most important is finding the right doctor for you, as an individual. And it is hard right now as we are video bound in this pandemic time. You should be listened to patiently and without prejudice. People don’t like the dentist…same, but I like my DENTIST..not the actual work being done. But he listens and is understanding when I need a break.

Sometimes when you’re young, you think you are unbreakable. But as you age, you fracture, and the body that was once immune to most things, is now at war.


  1. Thank you for sharing! Hopefully, someone who is scared of getting a check-up will see is and be encouraged by your words. It’s absolutely true that everyone needs to find a doctor he/she trusts.

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