FOMO..Real or Nonsense?

FOMO or rather “fear of missing out” has put an abbreviation on something, that for me probably has been around since the dawn of time. While it is not a mental health condition, it does stem from anxiety, and is real to many people around the globe. Do you take your phone to the restroom and mindlessly flip through ANY social media?

FOMO has been largely associated with social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, IG, and other social networking sites. Personally, I feel you can experience it in many ways. Do you ever bad about missing work, although you are sick as a dog, but wonder what is going on or what is being said around the office? Or if a group of friends gather (pre COVID of course) and hang out, what are they going to do or talk about? Or it could be something small like missing your favorite TV show that everyone is talking about an hour after it is finished.

Do you know someone that has to ” keep up with the Jonses” at all times. This is FOMO of material things such as trips, clothes, furniture etc. The appearance of being the “it” rich person of the town. I do. Fear of missing out on what others have. I honestly thing social media has increased this 100% as pictures of people, possessions, and pretense is floating around 24/7-365.

I admit to having it regarding skincare and makeup sometimes. I try to take care of my skin, and makeup.. well I am a collector at times, but it is seasonal. I tend to stop in fall/winter. I deleted Facebook for a bit as it has become so negative and well the elections do not help.

As far as it is relates to anxiety, they go hand in hand. Worry is second nature to alot of people including myself, but that goes to another issue like things I did 20 years ago.. dumb things like that I cannot change. As far as FOMO, here are some signs:

According to JWTIntelligence, the following are signs that you have an unhealthy amount of FOMO:

  • You’re always on your phone, checking your Facebook notifications, and texting friends, even when you’re at a party, supposedly having a great time.
  • When you’re at home, you’re still constantly checking Twitter, Facebook, and text messages.
  • You have a hard time making a buying decision because something better might come along.
  • You don’t want to commit to making plans until you’ve heard from everyone and can pick the most exciting option.
  • You think other people are having a better time, buying better things, or living happier lives based on their profile page or tweets.
  • You feel anxious and inadequate after reading your friends’ Facebook updates.

How to help I think would unplug and appreciate what you have and know that you cannot change people, how they operate, or what they do or say. Be happy with yourself and what you have around you. UNPLUG from social media sometimes. As I have said before, there is no one else like you in the world. How cool is that?

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