Why YOU should try IL Makiage

Hello beautiful humans! SO I was all excited today when my delivery came in from IL Makiage. ilmakiage.com <– I will be quoting exact background from this company from this website. The “woke up like this” foundation is 44.00$, but they have an array of products from lips to bronzer on their website.

Why did I want to try it? The website has an extensive shade quiz to make sure to try to match your perfect shade. You ONLY have to pay around 5.00 $ to try it for 14 days, then the amount comes out of your account. (FYI the full amount comes out day 1, but falls off within 4 days.) So for 14 days you can try it with all your favorite primers and favorite makeup. I did get an eyeliner that I did not order but LOVE , as the tip is a fine point liquid black. That is why you should try it! Why not try try before you commit to buying the product?! That is hard to find.. I shop online and sometimes I do get my shade wrong and I am stuck with it!

Sadly I dropped the glass bottle and it shattered all over our bathroom floor. BUT I did scoop some up and was not my color, BUT did feel soft on my skin!! Let me know if you have tried it!

Company background:

Our saga-

Our journey started in 2013. Bold and unapologetic women, equal parts swagger and substance, were breaking barriers in classrooms, politics, business, sciences, sports and the arts in every corner of the world. In the spring of that year, the idea to revive IL MAKIAGE was born.

My brother discovered this American treasure — proprietary formulations for professional makeup that were used for decades by some of the most renowned celebrities and professional makeup artists,but remained unavailable to millions of high maintenance women with equally high standards who know exactly what they’re worth and demand to be treated accordingly.

Together, we embarked on a mission to extend this hidden gem into a full makeup line with uncompromising attention to detail, designed to capture the spirit of confident women everywhere.

We teamed up with hundreds of professional makeup artists and committed to only launch product that was unequivocally better than any other they’d ever used. We may not have been the first in the category, but we would be the best (yes, I am high maintenance). 
Over the next five years, we painstakingly developed lipsticks, foundations and mascaras, testing repeatedly in a number of stores. 

In 2017, we opened our office in SoHo, NYC. Now, in the spring of 2018, we are finally ready — and thrilled — to unveil the full line we created. So, to all of you who share the view that minimalism is dead, come join us. We hope you adore our products as much as we do.

Shiran Holtzman Erel, Co-Founder

So, even if I have to pay for a broken bottle, I will try again in the future and report back!!

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