BoxyCharm Premium 7/2020 Unboxing

Good afternoon beautiful people! I was excited to get this delivery of my first Boxy Premium for July 2020 I have been enjoying the regular box that I blogged about a few days ago. And boy I was not let down!! First off, the safety padding was outstanding. Unlike Sephora that tosses 1 wadded paper in there, this has an egg crate liner and packing. I will be taking info and pictures from the Boxy website. I will follow up when I have used everything and report back!! The box is 35.00$, and from this box.. looks to be worth it!!

$20.00 Morphe – Morphe x Manny Mua Glam Palette

$95.00 Byroe – Bitter Green Essence Toner

$39.99 Folly Fire – Matte Manipulation Trio – Expensive Habits

$24.00 Laura Geller – Line-N-Define Dual Dimension Eyeliner

$42.00 Kenia Ontiveros Beauty – Blush and Shine Kit

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