Fall 2020 Fashion Trends I Can Get Behind

Drinking my coffee and looking at upcoming trends, I thankfully realized I have a few of the up and coming fall trends already in my closet. I realize that most of the these trends I will be listing can mostly be used at any age. Besides, who cares what age you are..always let yourself shine through. I will be showing only ones that the normal people can feel comfortable in, not crazy runway couture that are unwearable and uncomfortable.

The pics I will be showing are from Marie Claire

Cape as a coat- Valentino Runway!

I have 3 capes in black, taupe, and mauve.

You can find these low end to high end from Versona to Saks.

Gingham here-Gingham there. net-a-porter.com

This pattern will never go out of style. Can be casually used in a dressed to a jacket.

Lunatic Fringe. The below is a fringed skirt from net-a-porter.com.

Fringe will be found soon on sweaters and jackets everywhere as well!

Literally perfect with a black turtle neck, tucked in, even a demin top. Would pair with black boots.

Shearling Jacket ..is the 70’s back? Or did it ever leave. ..this jacket is from coach.com I would love this with a denim skirt and brown boots.

Blazers thankfully never go out of style. While I do not have metallic, I have 4 blazers from Michael Kors in black, tan, red, and pumpkin orange. I pair them jeans and wear a statement necklace and ankle boots.

alexachung at farfetch.com

I thought I was done with geometry..apparently not! Geometric patterns will be trendy on shirts, skirts, and dresses!

Alexander McQueen runway

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