Dear Vanessa Guillen

I as a Veteran, wanted to write thoughts on the murder of Vanessa Guillen. My husband and I were out for a drive and decided to drive to Little River. We stopped and paid our respects.

Let me start off by saying how sorry I am that this happened to you. Really, there are no words..

I am sorry for the lack of communication and follow up that your chain of command seemed to have. This entire situation was a shit show from the beginning. You joined the Military, like myself, to serve our country, and you were not given the complete chance to do so. I am sorry that no one saw “anything” happen at the armory that day. Kind of hard to believe as Ft. Hood is massive and crowded.

I am sorry that one of your killers took the cowards way out. But, he has been judged.

I am sorry your short life came to an end in a most horrific fashion. I hope your loved ones pain will one day be tolerable. For I know right now, it is palpable.

Vanessa, did you know that a survey was taken at Ft. Hood of female soldiers? Did you know that one-third said they had been sexually harassed? I hope that change is in the works that can actually make a difference. After all, a main component young people to join is a sense of community and family. If we don’t have each others back, what do we have? It is suppose to be an exciting time , full of pride and learning.

Please know that your legacy will live on, and I hope .. to change military policies and outlook towards reporting sexual harassment differently. I hope the follow up regarding these complaints are taken seriously. Good ole’ boys club needs to end, no cover-ups.

Tell your loved ones you love them whenever you can.

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