Get up Johnny Boy, The World Needs You Now-Twenty One Pilots

So, TOP is my favorite band, but this decade old song reflects the world right now. In disarray and in some areas, fueled by hate, it is becoming a sign of the times. Everywhere we turn, everything we hear is a depression filled ride full of violence and finger pointing.

He stays home from work this time
He never really told his wife
He never really told a lie
But this time he decides that it’s alright
It’s alright…

No one really knows his mind
And no one knows behind his eyes
The man deserves a medal
But he’s never really won a prize, before
He goes to lock the door

He has fallen in love
He knows it’s enough
And the world looks down and frowns

Get up Johnny boy, get up Johnny boy
Get up ’cause the world has left you lying on the ground
You’re my pride and joy, you’re my pride and joy
Get up Johnny boy ’cause we all need you, now
We all need you, now

Someone said, where you going?
Someone said to you, goodbye
They deflect the disrespect
When they say that they blame it on the times
They blame it on the times

The song goes on but we need everyone right now. The world has beaten us down, but we can do this, we can get better. I know that burning buildings and spreading hate is not the way to go. Be the example for others. Reach out and ask what you can do for your community or neighborhood. Be a mentor to a young mind. Teach people love and respect for all.


Please help the elderly by carrying their groceries, or opening the door for people. Please look at the Nextdoor App. This is a neighbor helping neighbors app that lets able bodied people help people in their neighborhood that might need help with groceries etc.

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