Mask of Acceptability

Yes, it is I who binge you tube interviews of my favorite people to watch on screen. For awhile now, mine has been Viola Davis. Not only is she beautiful and intelligent, but overall amazing.

Today I was watching her and the cast from How to Get Away With Murder<– MUST WATCH!. Which I am obsessed with. She was asked the usual questions, but on one of them, something resonated with me. She brought up that women have to wear a “mask of acceptability” before they leave this house. Now this is different for everyone. She mentioned she wanted to a real woman in the show.

Wait I found it!! To quote “ I see a lot of sexy women who are hard, cold, look like they have windswept hair and lip gloss and light makeup when they say its no makeup. I work out five days a week, and I’m still not a size 2. So I wanted to see a real woman on TV. I wanted to see who we are before before we walk out the door in the morning and put on the mask of acceptability.” –Viola Davis ( How to Get Away With Murder’s For Your Consideration panel in 2015)

Which to me is shocking, as I find her quite beautiful inside and out.

Ms. Davis also wanted to show the unmasking if you will, the take off of makeup, her wig, lashes etc. It really showed the raw vulnerability of her character.

It made me think of the beauty industry and what we do to feel acceptable. What is acceptable actually? I am guilty..I love skincare and will do a blog on that soon, but that is to take care of my largest organ..which is skin. I also started my love for makeup in when I was 40. I buy lots of products, not to wear them out, but more for the packaging and collector type things. I use dry shampoo and do not wash my hair everyday, which does not mean I gave up, just err working from home at the moment. But even before this pandemic, wait I just realized I was going to lie and say I did not do much before walking out the door. I shower, brush my teeth, try to basically look ok, or what I FEEL is acceptable before leaving the house. I do like accessories like purses and glasses and watches. But what do I really do for my mask of acceptability? 10 years ago I would say A LOT. I ran 30 miles a week, but that was for enjoyment not for getting in shape, because I was in shape. Running was a passion. I did have a ton of shoes and clothes, especially work suits and outfits. I spent a lot of time on appearance and had manicures etc, as I spoke with my hands in front of a room full of physicians. As I type this I think I did that for myself to feel good, did I do it for others? I would say for others as most people would be fired if they showed up to work not in their respective required dress code. P.S there was along period of time of me just wearing OR scrubs and awesome!

Now, I am of the more is less theory. I think the smile is the best accessory anyone can wear. I live in the time of people taking 100 selfies a day and I take maybe 1 a week .

I think we are getting to a time of more natural beauty and the “no makeup- makeup” look. Natural CC/BB/ tinted moisturizers etc. Point is.. be happy with the beauty that is you.

You are uniquely you. Beauty comes from within.

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