A Different Time, A Different Place.

She wished she was born at a different time. A time where fashion was different and you could travel without being scared to board a plane. A time of refinement.  Of course, you might be traveling by horse and buggy, but that was ok with her. She longed for courtship and tea with neighbors, out on the veranda looking at a big old oak tree. But this was not the case as she boarded the subway to the city.

Overcrowded and smelly, the subway provided excellent people watching as well as fast transportation. She gazed around and held on to the strap above her head. Listening to Miles Davis, it suddenly stopped and a voice came into her headphones. “Do not be alarmed, look to your left” said the voice. She slowly looked to the left and her eyes widened.

She saw a man that was sharply dressed in what looked like the 1850’s. He smiled at her and everything around her became blurry. He walked over to her and held out his hand. She took it before she passed out. She woke up and yelled at the top of her lungs.

“HELP!! SOMEONE HELP!!” she yelled. She looked around the room and noticed the antique furniture. Wait what was she wearing? A corset and ballgown. She muttered a few obscenities. The same man from the train walked in. ” What is wrong? ” he inquired.

Then a woman walked in and brought a tray filled with biscuits, fruit, and juice. He turned around and started to leave but said ” Don’t forget we have the ball at the Wellington’s tonight.” She shook her head to try to clear the fog. Ball? Next thing she knew someone was dressing her in an extravagant dress and putting her hair up.

“Do I know you?” she asked the woman who was helping her. The woman looked shocked and shook her head. ” Only since you were born” and smiled. She looked around for signs of anything familiar. Then the woman pulled her down what seemed like a ton of stairs and put a fur wrap around her shoulders and pinched her cheeks. Then the woman said, ” there .. a little color never hurt anyone.”

The carriage door opened then she fell over a rock and blacked out. She woke up on the subway but was sitting down. She frantically looked around her and a man turned around from the seat in front of her and tipped his hat. “Are you ok? Or did you want to go back?” he asked. “Go back?” she asked as she rubbed her confused eyes.

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