What Do You Want From Me?

She looked in the mirror and thought how tired and weary she looked. She often wondered why she couldn’t shut her mind off at night, and why the medicine she was given to sleep wasn’t working. She splashed some cold water on her face and psyched herself up to face the day.

Outside the sky was dark and gloomy, it started to rain, and she yelled at the sky. A black car passed by and slowed down, then drove away.  Her brain processed that as weird but filed it away in the “weird happenings file” somewhere else in her head.  She ran to open her car door in the pouring rain.  Twenty-One Pilots came blared out of the radio, she turned it down and turned on the shield wipers. Rolling her eyes, she backed out and drove to a job she hated.

Slowly rolling to a four way stop, she felt a crash from behind and her head whipped back and forth. She stumbled out, and before losing consciousness, she saw the black car from this morning. She woke up and couldn’t move her hands or breathe well. As her eyes came into focus, she smelled dirt and gasoline.

Waiting what seemed a lifetime for her eyes to focus, she saw a gasoline lamp and a bucket. She finally was able to spit out the cloth in her mouth. That was about the time when a man in a black cape walked in the room and untied her arms. “Only to use the bathroom” he said. He tied her back up when she was done using the bucket. “Why am I here?” she asked. “Just give it to us, and we might let you go.” ” Give you what? What the hell? Who are you?”  She was trying to memorize anything she could about this man, she could not see his face, only white eyes, until he punched her jaw.

She spit out blood as she turned her head and thought hard about what she could have. “I do not know what you want please tell and..” another person walked in. It was a female dressed in all black too that spoke in a different language. Were they speaking in tongues? She came over and kicked her in the ribs.  “I don’t know what you want!! Tell me!” she cried out in pain.

She woke up in a chair tied down with countless people surrounding her. Speaking that language. She couldn’t make out anything. Everyone was in those black capes. No human skin showing. “CUT” yelled the director.


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