The Skin You’re In- January 2018 Skincare Review


Let’s talk about Bath and Body Works. I was walking in the local mall with my husband, and gasped when I saw sheet masks in the window. When did this happen? Are they trying to keep up with everyone else?  What can this mask bring that the others can’t?

“Keep it Fruity” Mask $4.95

This is a skin mask for all skin types, is left on for 10-15 minutes and advises it a skin brightening mask. This mask smelled great and was easy to put on, and you are to massage the residue left over when you take it off. I did not notice anything when I took this mask off.  Key ingredients: Papaya +Tea Extracts

“If You Shea So” Mask $4.95

 This mask is for all skin types and advises it will nourish skin throughout winter. This product is to be left on for 10-15 minutes.  This sheet mask smelled great and my skin felt soft after. Key ingredients: Shea Butter +JoJoboa Oil

I do not recommend these sheet masks. Although they care cute and maybe fun for a young girl’s sleepover, if you are serious about skin care, really know your skin type and problem areas.


Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask by Glow Recipe $ 45.00 2.7 oz/80 mL

I purchased this product from Sephora. And am I so glad I did. I cannot live without it now. I have used it for around 6 weeks. My skin is glowing and 100% softer. This product can be used for all skin types.

When you open the box, product separation is normal, so shake the product well. It comes with a small spoon, and a little goes along way. Directions advise to pat in and not rub, wash thoroughly in the morning. It does have a warning that your skin may be sensitive to skin when using this product. I for one am of an age (although everyone should) that I use sunscreen and a hat if I am going to be in the sun.

This product smells amazing, helps to exfoliate skin and clarify pores.

Key Ingredient: Peony Root

I highly recommend this product and will purchase it repeatedly until I can no more!


Double Dare Peel Off Mask

I purchased this product from Dillard’s, and then continued to order it from

I purchased the OM! Mega Hair Band (so stinkin’ cute), the Platinum Hot Pink Mask Kit, and then continue to order every color, after I tried the first one out! These masks are 8.50 each for a three-part mask, and the head band was $8.00.

The first part is a Detox Bubbling Sheet Mask which is left on for 3 minutes. The detox mask has apple antioxidants.

The second part is the color mask which you can apply with the brush (if you buy it), or a small facial spatula.  After applying a thin layer, you leave on for 30 minutes. Key ingredients: Rosa Centifolia for moisturizing and Pelargonium for sebum control. Sebum is a waxy and oily substance that is produced by the sebaceous glands on the skin and the hair follicles.

The third and final part is the serum pad. This removes any leftover peel off mask and has a moisturizing complex. Key ingredients: Collagen for suppleness and Adenosine for anti-aging.

I highly to the sky recommend this product. There are many more products too!



Beauty Bar 24k Golden Pulse Facial Massager $11.99

I purchased this product from Amazon.

This product claims to help firm skin for an instant facelift, as well as 6,000 rotations per minute. I use this product to depuff my eyes. There are many of these out there, from cheap to expensive. I found mine cheap, there is also the same one for over $75 on Amazon as well.  I have heard these are at Wal-Mart too. I had to watch a video on it to see how it is done. Most people use it with their moisturizer. It says to use for 3-5 minutes daily.

I have noticed a difference the second week. Anything I can do to help the aging process I will do!

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