2017 Skin Care Review

Well hello there gorgeous! I will be going over a few skin care items that I have tried, love, and implemented into my routine. I should have started this skin care craze years ago!

Dr. Brandt Oxygen Facial Flash Recovery Mask 1.4 oz $70.00

I ordered this from Sephora.com. This mask is for all skin types, and it purifies and brightens skin. You can leave it on 3-5 minutes, and yes.. enjoy the ride!! Personally, I love how this feels on my face! Like bubbles buzzing around! I feel

Tatcha The Deep Cleanse 5 oz/150 mL $38.00

I ordered this from Sephora.com, and then again on TATCHA.com. This face wash is for all skin types. I love the smell and the small exfoliant beads in this. My face feels uplifted and plump after this, and the smell is clean and fresh. I love that this is gentle enough to use every day. It unclogs pores and hydrates. This has changed my skin tremendously, and make it look 10 years younger!! I will buy it until I die!

Tatcha Camellia Gold Spun Lip Balm  0.21 o.z $30.00

I ordered this from Sephora.com. When it saw it was for dryness and fine lines and wrinkles..sign me up!! I demo alot of liquid lips, so my lip health needs extra attention. I use this during a bath, or really just anytime. It works so well, I will buy it over and over.  It does not leave your mouth sticky or gunky.

GlamGlow Glitter Gravity Mud Mask 1.7 oz 69$

I bought this at a department store, you can find this on their website as well. SO MUCH FUN AND BEAUTIFUL TOO!!!! This mask is so much fun. It comes with an applicator brush which helps tremendously. This peel off mask is to be left on for 20-30 minutes. This is a dream for selfie lovers. This is supposed to firm and tone skin. For me, it is like an instant face lift.

I also Multi-mask!! I add different maks to different areas of my skin according to what the masks claim to do.

Origins Skin Matte Moisturizer with Willowherb 1.7 oz $34.00

I ordered this from Sephora.com. This is for normal, oily, and dry skin types. I have oily zones on my face. So after I cleanse, I use a toner than this matte moisturizer. This product not only smells amazing but minimizes my mores. My skin is soft afterward for hours.

Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Floral Toner 6 o.z

I ordered this from Amazon.com for 10.99 This is made with alpine rose stem cells to refresh skins Ph balance. I use this many times a day. I use it after my cleanser before my moisturizer. I use it at night! Also, I use this after a mask if my skin is a little red. This product smells amazing. You definitely feel it hydrate and soak into the skin.

Dior Capture Totale Dreamskin 1 Minute Mask 2.7 oz $75.00

I purchased this from a department store. You can find it on their website as well. This product is for all skin types. This product is to be rubbed on until it turns white and left on for one minute ( hence the name aha). I use this around 2 times a week. I REALLY use it around my eyes and those pesky crows feet. This leaves my skin looking younger! I was walking through Dior and the employee put some on my hand. You can really tell the difference!

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