What Inspires You?

Does respect inspire you? It inspires me. I respect authority, the Military, and police officers. I open doors for others and say yes ma’am and no sir. But, respect can be listening to someone and hearing their opinion, and not degrading or dismissing it. I feel that in today’s society, we have forgotten that.

When you see others succeed, does that inspire you and make you work harder? Does it inspire you to want to try something new? If you never try anything new, what is life all about? Even if you know you could or would fail, does the trying part matter? Absolutely! For instance, I am trying this blogging thing, and if does not take off, at least I tried! Be inspiring, be original, be one of a kind! Did you know if you smile at someone, they most likely will smile back? For me, it is like yawning..contagious!

Manners and respect should be taught at the earliest age possible. It is like a flower, and with enough nurturing, it can spread and make a beautiful garden. I would love to hear what inspires you, so please comment below!

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