Where Does One Start?

They say to write about stuff you know. What do you know? What do I know? I know about heartbreak, joy, losing a child, being in the military and food. Is that a span of issues or what? Each of those have a depth and span that you cannot imagine.

As far as food, I eat it, I am not that much of a cook. Scratch that. Joy, could be defined as meeting your soulmate later in life, or the love of a pet. Heartbreak? How much time do you have..? Heartbreak can come in many forms. Big to small, life-altering to life-changing, and back to square one. But really, what is square one? I suppose when you can get out of bed again.

Pets, O where do I begin? My husband and I have three cats and an eldery Yorkie. I will add photos to the media page. Does your Yorkie stick his or her tongue out? Join the club.  Personally, I am up to talking about pets all day!

Hmm, the Military. That was an experience in itself that could be written about for days. It is beloved by myself and will continue to be until my last breath. The memories will be cherished and recalled until they can be recalled no more.

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